For the 23-year-old Mít, a life between two worlds is nothing new. As if by pushing a button, she can change her identity between the traditional, Vietnamese daughter and the self-determined, queer Berliner.


At the weekly dinner in her grandmother Roan's apartment, she is asked about her love life in typical Vietnamese fashion. Her 48-year old mother Mai, on the other hand, a divorced manager, places more value on successfully completing a degree than on a decent husband for her daughter. Either way - Mít has neither.


Instead, she meets up with Lara, who is of the same age.

As their affair becomes more engaging, Mít feels the need to stop hiding. But before she has the courage to come out to her mother, Grandmother Roan is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Roan has to move out of her small apartment and the ancestral altar, which has been in her care for more than twenty years, can no longer be with her.


For Mít, a part of her world threatens to collapse. The altar is the final link to their ancestors and their Vietnamese roots.


When grandmother forgets, memories of the distant homeland of Vietnam also fade. In the search for the connection between her two identities, believed to be incompatible, she not only discovers that she will always be part of her history, but that she can also write her own future.


Dần Boldt

Mai Phương Kollath

Hồng Ngọc Lê

Mehmet Yilmaz 

Shari Asha Crosson


Screenplay                Thuy Trang Nguyen



Cinematography   Sarina Laudam, Katharina Hauke

Editing                    Ebru Sara Bilen

Sounddesign         Hyemin Jung

Production            internationale filmschule köln


Format fiction 

Country Germany

Runtime 30 min

Language Vietnamese, German

Subtitles English, German, Vietnamese 


© 2019 by Thuy Trang Nguyen

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Thuy Trang Nguyen
director, storyteller, writer